Why Hidden Logics

We help companies thrive in the digital world by turning ideas into high quality, innovative software.

Our extensive expertise in Agile development, our focus on innovation, and our optimized project management methodologies, enable us to address the specific needs of your project and create world-class software products.

Our Advantages

Team Strength

Hidden Logics are in-house, full-time resources, committed to the success of our clients. We work in small, empowered teams focused on delivering valuable software for clients every day.

Value Driven

We help enterprises move faster, and startups build smarter. Hidden Logics’s battle-tested process radically improves the agility of software teams and the resilience of applications.

Built to Last

Engineering is our backbone. We architect, design and build cloud-native applications that are highly scale able and can run anywhere.

Let’s get to work

Our expertise will help you succeed in the digital world.
Contact us and we’ll have one of our experts reach out to you to discover how we can lead your project to success.

Our Competitive Advantages


Nearshore advantages
Near shoring provides numerous advantages and benefits compared to traditional outsourcing models.

Project Governance
When it comes to Agile software development, even the best performing Scrum teams still need proper project governance. To meet this need, Hidden Logics has tried and tested project governance processes.

Agile Expertise
Our unparalleled Agile software development expertise provides not just the basis for your software development, but also for your digital transformation.

Flexible Engagement Models
Companies partner with Hidden Logics to achieve their innovation agendas. Depending on your requirements, we provide the engagement model to match.

Our Talent Development
Hidden Logics is proud to work with the best talent in Latin America. To help ensure your project is a success we have put in place a system of sophisticated talent development.